Snap resistant door cylinder locks try to stop a burglar snapping the cylinder to get at the inner workings of the lock with tools like mole grips or a claw hammer.

Rather than being snap resistant, the ABS cylinder is SNAP SECURE with clever, patented technology that keeps the central cam in place if the cylinder has been snapped, so any would-be burglar won't have access to the inside of the cylinder or the inside of your home.


Sold Secure Diamond cylinder
Sold Secure Diamond cylinder

Proven to secure

The ABS euro cylinder lock is installed in police and council target hardening projects to effectively beat the burglar. 10,000 ABS Diamond grade locks were fitted to vulnerable victims homes to stop burglars continually breaking in via standard euro cylinder locks -

With a huge reduction in crime within 12 months - the results are amazing...

The ABS lock is retro-fit which means it will quickly replace existing euro cylinder locks to immediately protect your door and keep your home secured against lock snapping and other known methods of lock attack.

Unlike TS007 1 star rated cylinders (which have not passed any snapping tests and according to BSI cannot be marketed as anti-snap) ABS has a TS007 3 star rating and therefore can be sold as a true stand-alone anti-snap solution without the need for back up from TS007 2 star rated security handles or guards.