Falcon is a code key cutting machine for special Tibbe-type keys for Ford and Jaguar vehicles, and for high security keys such as Abus and Abloy.

This machine can cut a key on both sides without having to remove the key from the jaw, thanks to an integrated adaptor that makes it possible to rotate the key by 360°.

The machine complies with all the newest safety standards: it has a safety feature that engages when the cutter is started and moves the carriage forwards, an independent switch to move the brush and a strong Plexiglas barrier.

Falcon is the only mechanical key cutting machine for special keys that combines ease of use and strength, thanks to the design of its base and to the reliable accessories, that guarantee the perfect stability of the key during the cutting phase, thus guaranteeing a perfect execution. Moreover, the innovative Easy Fit system makes it possible for the operator to secure the key without special tools.

Falcon integrates and develops the special keys sector, introducing practical new features, such as the exchangeable jaws and an innovative design.

The engine and wires are protected by a fuse against accidental overloads, making this machine more reliable and more efficient.