The first specialised machine for sequential decoding, cut by code of high security dimple and laser keys and graphic engraving of the metal key heads.

This is a computer-guided machine equipped with an up-to-date database containing the codes and technical parameters for optimal key cutting; the machine can operate in both stand alone and InstaCode connected mode.

Thanks to its innovative spindle, operating at 28,000 RPM, the encoding of one side of the key requires only a few seconds, thus guaranteeing exceptional results.

Cutting quality is very high and, in the case of dimple keys, a 3D cut is used, by operating the machine's 3 axes simultaneously.

Versa is equipped with four standard jaws for all types of vehicle keys, and one master jaw for cylinder keys. The jaws are built to ensure the safe installation of the key, with automatic calibration and key recognition system. Moreover, several jaws and small cutters for special purposes are available upon request.

Versa can also be used to personalise the key metal bows with graphic engraving.

The equipped USB, LAN and serial ports allow easy connections to multimedia systems and networks.